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Sometimes our own light goes out, but is blown into an instant flame by an encounter with another human being.

– Albert Schweitzer

Live Life, Connected.


Connecting It Together

Life does not happen in a vacuum. Every aspect of who we are, every experience we have had, every person or thing we have come in contact with are all connected.

This unspoken belief that any new path we choose must be the same or similar to the path we have already embarked on is complete heresy.

Evolution is a constant. We are dynamic beings – growing and evolving or shrinking and contracting – in any given moment.

Take it from me – a recovering “compartmentalizer” who wasted so much time in life trying to figure out my purpose and how all my paths made sense to the greater population.

A banker, a person who does accounting (can you really say accountant if you don’t have a degree? πŸ˜‰ ), a chiropractor, a business owner, a mother? I mean, come on! These are so different from each other. How could they possibly make sense?

They don’t!

That is because every interaction, every new person I met, and every experience has been a stepping stone to becoming the person I am today.

Our culture doesn’t make it easy to step out of the confinements we (or others we know) have placed upon us. But I’m here today to show you that it is possible.

From a disability (Cerebral Palsy), to motherhood (Child), to regaining my health (Chiropractic), and now an entrepreneurial venture (Cup O’ Sugar), I found the flame that was always there. It only needed to be re-ignited by encounters with other human beings.

May these Four C’s inspire you to re-ignite the flame within your own soul, so you too, can embark on living life fully connected!

Burn Bright,


Cerebral Palsy

Mental Fortitude

Stories of hope and inspiration no matter what “disability” you may have.



Real, raw, and unfiltered moments of raising a daughter.


Made Well (Health)

Tips for living your best life from the inside out.

Cup O’ Sugar

Money & Business

Tactics and strategies to keep you sane through all the ups and downs.