Discovering Your North Star

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When you feel lost, vulnerable, unworthy, insecure, (insert any negative emotion here) – it is difficult to find the light within.

Trust me, I know firsthand!

These are familiar feelings. The feelings that rear their ugly head if I’m not careful. The ones that creep into the shadows and make themselves known any chance they get.

For the first 26 years of my life, I lived in a complete state of unconsciousness, merely tossed around by life’s ocean waves with no end insight.

Having been born with a mild case of right hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy, I knew I was different from a very early age by the way I walked and carried myself.

The feelings of worthlessness led me down a path of people pleasing and bad decisions.

Spring of 2011 was the turning point for me! The moment where I consciously became awake to life and where I was headed if I didn’t make adjustments. My insecurities and shortcomings no longer affected just me but now had the potential to affect my daughter. Things had to change!

Problem was no one else saw it. My life was great on the outside – great job, great family and friends – but was an absolute train wreck inside.

Seeking help required a great deal of courage and strength to get out of my own way. I know how hard it is to not let your rational mind take the lead. Believe me! There are moments still where I find myself having to control its nasty hold on my life.

But that insignificant action to make the call for help brought me to these exact coordinates. To this very place where all my worlds connected – Cerebral Palsy, Child, Chiropractic, Cup O’ Sugar – where my North Star was discovered through my Life at C.

Dear one, know you are WORTH it! Know that your life means so much more than what it may be today.

Have you ever considered the stream of events that occurred to bring you where you are today? The right people that had to meet, the wrong people that had to disconnect, and the seemingly insignificant encounters you had with others that impacted your life in a significant way?

I can bet there are thousands of them whether you are conscious about them or not.

Steve Jobs once said, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

You will find your North Star. You will figure out how all the dots connect. Trust the process. Take the journey with an open heart and mind. The other human beings you encounter on this path will re-ignite the flame that has been in you all along and I will be here to remind you through inspiring stories, healthy living, and the insanity of entrepreneurship that no matter what your future holds – it is a worthwhile meaningful adventure!

Jump Aboard! ❤ Let’s take the adventure together.

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