When Division Occurs, Food Connects

Think about it for a moment…

Food is the one thing that brings us all together. It knows no bounds. It moves in and out of culture winding its way into the bellies of us all. It doesn’t care what political party you identify with or your gender identity.

It has the power to heal or cause dis-ease. It plays the leading role in our life experiences – birthday parties, graduations, weddings, baby showers, etc – and it is the sustainer of life!

We celebrate life with food. We mourn life with food. And we can’t live life without food.

Food IS the master connector!

Yet, despite its sacredness, we treat it with little to no regard. We buy abundantly, we consume little, and we toss the rest.

Over 40% of all food produced in the United States is wasted. Over half of that happens at the household level. And get this, if food waste was a country, it would represent the 3rd largest country just shy of China. Staggering amounts when you put it in prospective that way.

Billions of dollars in wasted resources, countless awareness campaigns regarding the issue, yet numbers continue to grow.

Is it because humanity is so terrible or that we’ve become so narrow minded that we can’t see how our actions affect others?

I don’t believe so.

I believe people desire to make impactful decisions but they struggle believing their small acts can make a big difference.

Cup O’ Sugar was created to connect neighborhoods together to share and request food ingredients so less is wasted and more authentic connection is made.

Each interaction gives you the opportunity to make new friends, save precious time, and create massive impact.

Let us no longer continue to waste such a precious resource. Let us get back to the roots of caring for each other, showing compassion and love, and seek to understand one another better.

Listen the story of how Cup O’ Sugar is doing just that on the Waste 360: Nothing Wasted Podcast.

What was your biggest takeaway from the interview or written words above? Share in the comments below.

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Much Love,

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