Is Your Electric Bill Getting Out of Hand?

Okay, okay! I’m going to be honest right out the gate.

This isn’t a blog post about all the ways to cut down on your electric bill. Although I am sure that would be nice. 🙂

It is not about the electricity that powers your home, your tools, or the mini computers you hold in your hands.

This post is really about the most important electrical system that exist in the world today. One that has existed for centuries and is still not entirely understood. This system resides within all of us – THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.

The brain, weighing in at an astounding 3 pounds, makes up the majority of this nervous system. It sends signals out to the rest of your body to control muscles, to speak, to move, to experience life.

In a healthy, well-functioning nervous system, signals should flow through wires (aka nerves) without resistance. When there is resistance or stress, there is miscommunication. And miscommunication leads to dis-ease and poor function.

So how does this miscommunication happen? A number of ways actually.

Here are 3:

  1. Trauma
    • This can affect the nervous system gradually or suddenly depending on the circumstances. But regardless of a micro-trauma (ex: twisting an ankle) or major-trauma (ex: car accident, concussion) the result is still the same.
  2. Toxins
    • Everything we breathe in through our nose goes straight to the brain. Anything we put on our skin gets into the blood stream within 26 seconds. Most of the food we eat is full of toxins. Unfortunately, no one is safe from toxins.
  3. Thoughts
    • What we think about has powerful implications to how our bodies respond. One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Joe Dispenza states, “Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel create a state of being.”

As a chiropractor, I work intimately with the nervous system to remove any resistance (stress) so that signals flow free and communication with the brain and the rest of the body is restored.

Because a resistant-free nervous system means overall greater function.

Don’t let your electrical bill skyrocket unnecessarily. Schedule an appointment to see your chiropractor today.

If you or your loved one are in the San Diego area, come see me at Cardiff Health and Wellness, so you can live your best self.

In health,

One thought on “Is Your Electric Bill Getting Out of Hand?

  1. I feel energized by your teachings on the body’s electricity. we — my husband and I will try to learn a little from your blog each week. You two are an inspiration in these troubled times.

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