Be The Change Maker

September 18th, 1895

An ordinary day that became extraordinary with just one act. An act that forever changed one man’s life and has impacted millions of others because of it.

This day, 125 years ago, the first ever chiropractic adjustment was given by D.D. Palmer and hearing was restored to Harvey Lillard. The journey from that day forth has been riddled with great challenges – imprisonment, attempts by the AMA to eliminate the entire profession, strive between chiropractors, and so much more – yet, because of the determination of the doctors that walked before me, we’ve prevailed and the world is better because of it.

But none of this would have been possible without the tenacious spirit of B.J. Palmer, the son of D.D. Palmer. Where D.D. is credited as the founder of the profession, B.J. developed it into what it is. I would be hard pressed to say that I don’t believe Chiropractic would still be here today without him.

One of B.J.’s famous quotes is, “I will sell Chiropractic, serve Chiropractic, and save Chiropractic if it will take me twenty lifetimes to do it. I will promote it within the law, without the law, in keeping with the law or against the law in order to get sick people well and keep the well from getting sick.”

He did just that and his legacy lives on forever.

I am blessed to play an integral part in continuing the work that he started.

B.J. Palmer

My own chiropractic story began the third trimester of my pregnancy when I sought out care after learning about how chiropractic can help in the birthing process. I desired to have that process occur as naturally as possible without drugs and surgery and when a lactation consultation shared that with my birthing class it became a no-brainer for me.

While I went solely for the purpose of having my hips aligned so my daughter could make her beautiful entrance Earthside, I discovered so much more.

The migraine headaches I suffered since I was 16-years old – GONE! The major tightness I felt nearly everyday on my right side – GONE! The way I viewed the world and myself began to shift. Layers of mental garbage I carried around – GONE!

It literally transformed me from the inside out and the birth went better than planned. I fell in ❤ with the power of chiropractic!

Dr. Matt Hubbard spoke into my life during every visit as he cared for me and my newborn child.

“You need to be a chiropractor! When are you going to school?”

I brushed him off time and time again. Making all kinds of excuses as to why I ‘couldn’t’ do it until I was faced head on with a stern, yet loving encounter with Dr. Leo. I left the office that day in tears.

My life was forever changed. I did eventually enroll in chiropractic school and am beyond grateful everyday that I hold within my hands the power to change someone’s life in the same way my life was changed.

It is a power I don’t take lightly!

Left to Right: Dr. Matt Hubbard, Dr. Leo Meltvedt, and Dr. Dan Fleming

I wonder what my own life’s story would be had Dr. Matt Hubbard not spoken life into me?

What would the world look like if B..J. Palmer stayed within his bounds? If he never pushed passed his comfort zone and instead let the fear win? Or if he said, “That’s too much to handle, I won’t do it!”

The world would look drastically different today!

My own world would be drastically different today!

Application for Your Life:

Do you see how one person, just one individual, can change humanity? It doesn’t take knowing all the answers, or being the smartest person in the room, or having lots of money.

It takes courage and a commitment to improvement. To becoming a better version of yourself. To surrounding yourself with people who make you better. People that cause you to think bigger than your current situation.

B.J. could not have done what he did without the support and encouragement of others.

If anyone claims “self-made” understand that that is a bogus term. No one is “self-made and the ones that make such a bold claim are quickly forgetting all the people that made their climb to the top successful.

Believe in yourself! Passionately chase your dreams! Be Bold!


In the final test it makes little difference whether or not others believe in us, but it makes all the difference in the world whether or not we believe in ourselves.

B. J. Palmer

If you’re interested in learning more about Chiropractic and how it can help you and your family, message me at

Chiropractically Yours,

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