“Blah, blah, blah….Who Cares?”

These words used to exit my lips on the reg and many more times as unspoken thoughts.

Anytime someone would say something I didn’t agree with this 4-letter word appeared. Anytime I was sharing a story that I just wanted to get through without all the “unnecessary” details being shared, I used them.

And I mean USED them. Like, alllllll the time for many different things.

This word may seem meaningless. And it might be at times but more often than not, this statement carries so much weight.

To me this statement screams, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY, HOW YOU FEEL, or THAT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY DOESN’T MATTER!” I’ve realized that it is emotionless, apathetic, and very disrespectful to both others and ourselves.

But how many of us are mindful of the fact that we are using these weighted words so lightly?

While strolling around Downtown La Jolla today, the below billboard caught my eye. A wave of emotions moved through me. I’m saddened by what this represents. I’m saddened by apathy our culture and society has accepted as the norm.

Image for post
Herschel Ave, La Jolla, California 92037

And to be blatantly put out there to the people like this?! This space could have been utilized for something uplifting and encouraging. Words that speak life. Words that could have stopped someone in their tracks to become a catalyst of change.

I choose to be a light for others. To speak uplifting words of encouragement. To share my transformational journey with the world even if it means only one person is sparked by it.

There is a lot happening in our world today. Use the power of your words to speak LIFE, not apathy. ❤

Now…let’s go light the world on fire!!! 🙂

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