Jump starting a dead battery

This is a testament to what true authentic connection looks like. 🙂 My heart was so warmed by this small gesture. Alex used a great metaphor in his post. Check it out. Who in your life has helped you jump start your battery?

gospel x u

Today I received an email about someone that viewed my post from almost 7 years ago when I spent some time in Korea and the Philippines. Brook is someone I have known for at least 7 years and I have always admired her integrity. I don’t know exactly what it is about her but she has always charged me with good vibes. We hardly ever spoke but we recognized each other. I most recently ran into her at Start Up San Diego when I was raising capital for a start up and she was also pursuing her start up venture as well. We connected, shared some pleasantries and wished each other good luck.

6 months into Covid and I see that she is getting traction on her venture and then I notice her blog. She immediately charged me up again and inspired me to write again. I subscribed to her…

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