From Dim to Bright: 3 Ways to Shine

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” -Marianne Williamson Chances are you’ve heard this famous quote (or a variation of it) at some point in your life. If you haven’t, you’re welcome!Continue reading “From Dim to Bright: 3 Ways to Shine”

Who Are YOU Really?

Think about it! Who are you without the titles? Can you answer this with clarity and conviction? I’ll be the first to admit that even after all I’ve accomplished according to society’s viewpoints; I still do not know the answer. I was asked recently to send over a written bio between 200 – 500 wordsContinue reading “Who Are YOU Really?”

“Blah, blah, blah….Who Cares?”

These words used to exit my lips on the reg and many more times as unspoken thoughts. Anytime someone would say something I didn’t agree with this 4-letter word appeared. Anytime I was sharing a story that I just wanted to get through without all the “unnecessary” details being shared, I used them. And IContinue reading ““Blah, blah, blah….Who Cares?””

You Snooze, You Lose Win!

Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It makes you look more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dementia. It wards off colds and the flu. It lowers your risk of heartContinue reading “You Snooze, You Lose Win!”

Be The Change Maker

September 18th, 1895 An ordinary day that became extraordinary with just one act. An act that forever changed one man’s life and has impacted millions of others because of it. This day, 125 years ago, the first ever chiropractic adjustment was given by D.D. Palmer and hearing was restored to Harvey Lillard. The journey fromContinue reading “Be The Change Maker”

Dead (Wo)man Walking

I can still hear it now… The sound of their laughs, the whispered name calling behind my back. Forever etched in my brain. Every step I took only made things worse. “She walks like she’s drunk! Let’s call her ‘Alka-Seltzer’. Hey, Alky!” Each word they spoke cut deeper than any knife would ever do. IContinue reading “Dead (Wo)man Walking”

Is Your Electric Bill Getting Out of Hand?

Okay, okay! I’m going to be honest right out the gate. This isn’t a blog post about all the ways to cut down on your electric bill. Although I am sure that would be nice. 🙂 It is not about the electricity that powers your home, your tools, or the mini computers you hold inContinue reading “Is Your Electric Bill Getting Out of Hand?”

When Division Occurs, Food Connects

Food is the one thing that brings us all together. It knows no bounds. It moves in and out of culture winding its way into the bellies of us all. It doesn’t care what political party you identify with or your gender identity.